Wild Women

This is my tribute to women.

To the confident ones and the uncertain ones.
To the stay at home moms and the working moms.
To the crunchy ones and the glam ones.
To the nurses, graphic designers, receptionists, lawyers, teachers, retail workers, artists, accountants, hair stylists and everyone in between.

This series is to showcase our similarities, differences, highs and lows.
I hope you find a little piece of yourself in each interview and find comfort in everyone’s wonderfully messy lives.

Thank you.


To see all the interviews click here.
MACKENZIE L on early childhood education, music + more.
LEAH K on baking, adventure + more.
STORMY RAY on travel, health, food + more.
SAM N on motherhood, plants + more.
KAITLIN Y on motherhood, health + more.
ERIN P on life, blogging + more.



If you’d like to be interviewed, please send an email to paigemichelleolson@gmail.com 

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