Home Project Goals for 2019

Our house was built in 1978, needless to say we do renos every year. They’re usually little things here and there – new paint, fixing up the garden, etc. We also have big dreams of gutting our kitchen. My husband shows the new kitchen plan to pretty much anyone that walks into our home. Want to see our plans for 2019? Read on!


New Windows for the Babes
Both girls need new windows in their rooms. They currently have the original ones in still and they let cold air in.


Finish the Wall Rip Out
We ripped out a random half wall in our living room to open up more space, and it also had a piece separating the doorway into two. It looks so much better, but we need to finish the drywall.

Curb Appeal
We have two entrances to our home – the front, and the side. We use the side entrance to come and go. I want to add some curb appeal to both entrances this year.


The Secret Garden
We started working on this last year and I’d like to do a lot more in 2019. We want to add more flower garden space in our front yard and I’m hoping to figure out some vegetable beds as well.


The Great Playhouse Redo
We started talking about this last year and I hope we do it this year! We want to paint the play structure in our backyard some interesting colours and maybe add some decorations to them.


Faux Mudroom
We don’t have a mudroom. It’s awful. We use our side entrance to come into our home which is attached to the kitchen. Right now, we have a couple mats and two baskets that hold our shoes. We have a closet in the kitchen that we would like to turn into a mini mudroom by taking off the doors and adding hooks/a bench/crates for organization.


 Industrial Shelving
This is my husbands project, and it’s going to be amazing. He’s planning to make built in shelving around our tv/tv stand in our living room. There will be wood. There will be pipes. There will be storage. I’m excited.

This is what I have in mind for now, wish me luck on completing it! I’m sure there will be other little projects here and there as well. Plus decorating and rearranging. Do you have any home projects in mind for the year? Let me know in the comments below!

























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