Indie, Lately


Three and a half.

She likes dinosaurs, twirly dresses, astronauts, jumping in puddles, singing, ghosts, buses, firetrucks/ambulances/police cars, makeup, jumping on the couch and babies.
She doesn’t like thunder, going to bed, spiders, sitting in carts when shopping.
She watches Little Princess, Ollie and Moon, Wanda and the Alien, Paw Patrol, Max and Ruby, Simon, Llama Llama.
Her favourite movies are still Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Grinch.

Her lipstick obsession is still going strong.
She wants to be outside 24/7. The same goes for playing with friends.
She wants to help with everything, and for the most part she’s really good at it too.
I’m pretty sure she never stops talking. She’s also getting really good at that too.
She let’s the pug sit on her lap on the couch now. She tries to force Mabyn into it too, but she hasn’t been very successful with that.
She’s very excited to start school in September.
She slows down to cuddle sometimes again.
She desperately tries to get me to let her watch my “scary shows”.
She currently wants to be Coraline for Halloween.
She says “how did you do that” instead of “why did you do that”.
She calls Wednesday “gug” instead of “pug”.
Her current catchphrases are “that’s my favourite” and “___ is my BEST friend”.
As always, she is madly madly madly in love with her little sister. My heart could not be more full.

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