How To: Hygge in the Summer

Hygge is all about simplicity, comfort and coziness. It’s about surrounding yourself with love and warmth. While Autumn and Winter are prime hygge time, you can definitely be hygge in the Summer too! Keep reading for some ideas to help you get started, then let your hygge-ness overflow onto your whole life.

Two of my top tips: add candles and ditch your cell phones to all of these to enhance your hygge experience.

Head to Pinterest and find a recipe for a new drink, grab some roasting sticks and a bag of marshmallows then add some fairy lights.

What do you like to play? Chess? Cards Against Humanity? Trivial Pursuit? Or go old school and grab a deck of cards. Throw in as many candles as you can, get everyone to bring their favourite snack and your good to go.

Try to keep your guest list under 6 so that there’s not a lot of stress involved. You could do a potluck, cook everything together or whip up something yourself. Whatever you decide make sure it’s delicious and rustic. Don’t forget to add a good playlist to complete your evening: try this, this or this.

Do you live somewhere that has a drive in? Try that! If not, grab some blankets, some loved ones and cuddle together on the couch. Maybe add a big bowl of popcorn and wait for it to get dark outside too – so that your hygge candles will really give you the full effect.

What could be more Summer hygge that a car packed full of your favourite people, music and snacks? Ditch your phones in the glove-box so you can really be present together and hit the road. You can research somewhere you want to go before hand, buy a day-tripper book or just go!

Do you love vintage pieces? How about getting things for a steal? Wake up early, grab some coffee and carpool around your city with a list of garage sales, thrift or antique stores. Tons of communities have “parade of garage sales” on certain days so you can hit up a ton of them in one place. Then tell me about your best finds in the comments!

This one can be done solo, with a partner or whomever else you want. I like to do this in the morning while my youngest is still in bed and my oldest is watching Netflix. Maybe you want to join (or start!) a book club? Whatever you do, make sure you get lost in your good book.

Falling asleep while you tan on the beach is definitely hygge, don’t you think? Soak up those rays while you can because before you know it we’ll slip back into our 8 month Winter.























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