Mabyn: A Party and a Love Letter

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow I now have a one year old. Each year on their birthdays, I write to my beautiful babies. This is Mabyn’s first write up, I hope one day she reads it and knows how much she means to me.


I’ve spent the last 365 days loving you.
Time has never moved so fast.
It feels like days ago we were sitting in our backyard, watching the trees as they swayed back and forth above us.

This past year has been so lovely. You’ve refused to conform.
You took 33 hours to birth, an interesting surprise after your sisters 6 hour one. You came 1 second before midnight on the full flower moon, taking the Doctor away from the other baby being born at the exact same time. You refused to cry for the next two days.
Since this day last year you’ve wanted to be older and bigger than you are.
But you didn’t crawl until 11 months old, cause you’re also kinda clingy.
Which I’m entirely okay with.
You’ve been ridiculously strong and incredibly sweet.
You’ve been obsessed with trees, your sister and food. I hope you keep those passions always.

I’ve never seen a smile take up so much space on such a tiny face. Somehow it manages to get even bigger when someone tells you “no”.
You think you’re the funniest person alive. You probably are.
I love your chubby cheeks and what you look like when you’re sleeping.
I love your sink baths, your refusal to wear socks and the way you cuddle stuffed animals. I love your belly laugh, your little mohawk and your giant eyes.

You’re like bliss in human form.
You’re like a full moon, a big ocean wave and a tall tree all mixed into a little fairy.
You’re like love and sugar and a thunderstorm.
I hope everyone that’s ever apart of your life knows how lucky they are.

“My baby is sweet as can be, she gives me toothaches just from kissing me.”

And for the party…
Everything was super fun, delicious and perfect. We had so many people come to celebrate our beautiful girl and I’m so thankful.

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