Wild Women: Erin P

Erin lives in Victoria and is a mama, student and badass blogger. She writes honestly with the world and it’s super refreshing among the cloud of pretend you often find on the internet. Read our interview below and don’t forget to support her by checking out her blog, FB and Instagram!


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Tell me something little that brings you joy.
I’d say that my answer is the same it would have been 10 years ago before I had kids, my family. Especially now, my girls. Being around them is infectious with giggles and laughter. They make me smile from ear to ear daily.

You’re the author of your blog, http://www.unfilteredmommy.com (I’ll add a link here in post), why did you start it? What do you hope comes from it?
I have always enjoyed writing, and have dabbled in short stories and poems throughout my life. I wrote reviews and articles online prior to kids. Then life got busy and I forgot about writing. The key with good writing is that you write to something you know and are passionate about. What else am I completely submerged by and passionate about other than my kids. It was a no brainer to fill a void for “me”. I hope to grow my blog and really connect with other people that can relate to my shenanigans. When someone comments a thank you for sharing, or an equally relatable story, it makes me feel good.

What are you going to school for? What got you into it?
I’m in school for my Human Resources Management Diploma. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I started and finished a lot of schooling and courses with no real goal in mind. I got into the love of HR when I was a supervisor at my old company. I helped to manage a sales team of 14 people and was the HR contact for my department. I worked with HR on recruitment, career coaching, policies, and unfortunately terminations. But it was my love for people and understanding how each one of us ticks and thrives that really drove me to want to pursue it as a career. So here I am!

What makes you unique?
Ahh that’s a hard question to answer about yourself. I’m goofy, I like to sing even though I’m horrible at it, I swear like a trucker and I sometimes (ok most times) don’t think before speaking.

What is something you’ve struggled with in life? What did it teach you?
Being independent. This is something I still struggle with I think. Seeking that approval and being perfect. I think a lot of women struggle with some aspect of portraying the social media “perfect” life stigma when really, not one us truly has their shit together. No one shows that though.

What are you most proud of yourself for?
Hands down giving birth, all natural to my girls. My first in hospital and my 2nd at home in a birthing pool. There is nothing else I have ever experienced that gives you that wonder woman adrenaline feeling. You pushed a life out of you, organs, hair, a name, a person. I did that. That’s extremely powerful shit.

Do you have any regrets in life?
So many, all a learning opportunity though. Try to not dwell on mistakes and regrets and try to see what you can learn about yourself and why you did that in the first places. Life lessons in every one.

What is your ultimate, holy grail product?
This I struggle with. I watch a lot of Youtube beauty gurus and they always through that term out. “This is my holy grail”  I’ve tried such products and nothing has me hearing hark angels. If I were to pick, I love Redken All Soft Shampoo and conditioner, and recently I’ve discovered the chemical peels by Dr. Dennis Gross, which are uber expensive but wow. My skin is glowing. Holy grail, maybe not. Awesome, most definitely.

Tell me about your hobbies. What do you do, or what did you do before you had your girls?
I use to love to read and crochet. Now those are things that don’t happen anymore, although I have a scary yarn collection that I can’t bear to part with. I should pick up a book again, just needs to be a page turner. Suggestions? Now my hobbies are writing for my blog, research and netflix while I fold laundry. I actually look forward to that….

Have you been able to cross anything off your bucket list yet?
My bucket list has never been too crazy. But my biggest thing was to have children. Originally that was, be finished having 2 kids by the time I’m 30, but I didn’t even have my first until I was 30! Doesn’t always work out the way you think.


What is your biggest wish for your daughters?
To be fierce. To be comfortable in their own skin, and own it. I want them to know their worth and never let anyone tell them otherwise. I want them to follow their hearts. I want so much for them…this is such an emotionally charged question. I could write an essay!

What do you hope to accomplish this year? What was your biggest accomplishment last year?
I want to grow my blog, add some extra aspects to it, and I have some ideas brewing but I also want to try to finish my schooling this year as well. Hmm…Last year was such a blur with majority of it on maternity leave. Surviving 2 kids? Haha I think going back to school and getting over the fear of being too old, and with a 2 month old and 3 year old, I also thought maybe I was crazy. I think my family did too! But I’m proud that I am doing well with a GPA that is above average. I may be going slow but I’m really proud of myself

What’s your greatest strength? Biggest weakness?
This is going to sound so cheeseball but being a friendly, nice person. I am that person that smiles at complete strangers at Walmart or does random acts of kindness because I believe it totally can change someone’s day. There are so many times I’ve smiled at someone and they do a double take and than return the biggest smile and I know, right there that I’ve made that persons day or at least hour or so. You would not believe how many people I smile at that look miserable and don’t actually return it. But I’d like to think they were so taken by surprise that by the time they thought about smiling back, we were long past each other. Hopefully that person passed on a smile to the next.

Biggest weakness?
I’m a jumper of interests. So I tend to start projects, crafts and never finish them. IT’s awful. My interests will change so often and I need to learn to stick to whatever I got going on before moving on. The amount of half finished crochet projects hiding in my house right now is embarrassing.

If a teenage girl came to you for life advice, what would you tell her?

  • Be you.

  • Travel

  • Love hard

  • Do what you need to do to find your passion in life, and find a job that supports that passion

  • Take risks

  • Always tell your parents you love them and let them when you arrive somewhere safely

  • Be kind. Stand up to bullies.

What is your ultimate goal, personally and professionally?
Personally, to figure out this mom thing so I can kind of seem like I know what the eff I’m doing. I’m winging it hard core and so far doing ok but would love to look back and think I owned this stage in my life. Professionally, do say I LOVE my job. To have a career that is flexible, to work for myself would be the ultimate dream.













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