This crazy little kid is almost 1 year old and I am baffled by that, honestly. I’ve never experienced a faster year in my entire life. She thinks shes SO freaking funny, wants to eat everything in sight (but then gags on it all), is JUST starting to sit up (don’t come at me, her doc said she’s fine), desperately wants to crawl, finally has 2 little teeth poking through her bottom gums and is 100% madly in love with her older sister.



1. She LOVES to be scared. I’m sensing a theme that runs deep in our DNA.

2. She loves splashing in the bath tub.

3. She rolls around to get to things/places she wants instead of crawling.

4. She likes to copy people when they dance or jump around.

5. She hates having her face wiped! And her nose wiped. And her diaper changed.

6. She honestly thinks she’s hilarious. She tries to make people laugh, if she finds something you think is funny she will do it over and over again. I love it, it’s amazing.

7. She throws up or spits up on all her clothes, and my clothes. Indie never spat up on anything, ever so it’s super strange for me.

8. She loves being outside. She loves looking at trees.

9. She intentionally feeds the dogs her snacks. I literally watch her pick up food, stretch her arm over her high chair, drop the food down to the dogs and then she grabs onto the side of her high chair and peers over while watching them eat it. I’m constantly catching her in the middle of this routine and she will put her food back on the tray until I’m not looking!

10. She’s obsessed with this random fidget spinner we have laying around the house. The other day I watched Indie walk over to her and try to take it to play with it (ruuuude) and Mabyn SCREAMED bloody murder like I’ve never heard in my life. Indie was shocked. Teenage years will be interesting.

















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