These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things

My mantra lately has been: the little things are the big things.
I’m not even sure how it started but I’ve been saying it to myself a lot lately.
So here are some little things that are my big things. They make life a little brighter.



I love them so much and I’m honestly not sure where it stems from other than the fact that they’re pretty. Mitchell’s Nana had the most beautiful garden at their lake-house they lived in when I first met them. I remember running around it taking pictures with my camera of all the pretty little things I could find.
Now, I buy myself flowers, from stores mostly. I started doing it around 2 years ago with Indie when we’d go grocery shopping. We’d roll our cart past the floral section and pick a bouquet together. We still buy grocery store flowers sometimes and have also upgraded to buying them from fancy local florists as well.  Then, in the Spring and Summer our neighbourhood ends up covered in flowers of all sorts. We have a lot of really nice landscaped yards around us so we go flower hunting a lot. By that I mean we walk or drive around and take pictures of all the ones we love! Maybe I should make a book out of the photos.


The most important thing in photography is light. You need some form of it to make a photograph. It was probably the hardest thing for me when I learned photography and I still struggle with it sometimes to be honest. These days, I’ve gotten pretty good with it. My home has interesting spots where the light shines through in the mornings and late afternoons/early evenings. I’m obsessed because it’s always so beautiful. I chase it around my home at different times of the day with my camera or my phone- not only the light but also the shadows my home makes. It’s pretty, raw and interesting.



I’ve been listening to acoustic music for 10 years, it’s my very favourite kind. I love hearing people’s voices and the words they’re saying. I love listening to the quiet musical instruments in the background.



These make me happier than they should probably. I’ve always loved them and I wish I could wrap my whole house up in them. They’re so simple and full of magick and that’s all there is to it.



About 2 years ago we had all the walls in our home painted white. I did it because I love to photograph my kids and have simple backgrounds. What I didn’t realize before I had it done was how much it would ease my anxiety. I’m not really sure why, but it soothes me the way a clean home does. I guess it’s less for my brain to focus on maybe. Whatever the reason, I’m so thankful for this dang white paint every single day.













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