When Thoughts And Prayers Aren’t Enough… 2.0

You can read the first version of this post here, it’s in reference to mental health.

I generally try to be more polite in my blog posts than I am in person. It’s an attempt to be more professional and get taken more seriously I suppose.
This post is not going to be polite.


Each time another school shooting happens in The United States, adults all around the world take to social media. Less guns! More guns! Mental illness! Bullying! Video games! Violent movies! Our rights!  The constitution!


Your thoughts and prayers aren’t doing shit.
They’re borderline offensive at this point, especially in the case of a fucking mass murder that includes innocent kids. However, I acknowledge that your offer of ‘thoughts and prayers’ suggests you care. Guess what? You need to care more. You need to care so much you’re seething. You need to care so much you actually do something.
While more and more shootings have happened, we’ve sat behind our screens. We’ve been horrified. We’ve sent our thoughts and prayers. We argued in the comment section of articles on Facebook. We’ve bitched about guns and white boys and the government of The United States. We’ve waited for the US to do something.
Essentially, we’ve done nothing.
And because of that the blood of each and every victim is on our hands.
I realized this as I watched child after child from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School rise up and tell us that we have failed them. They’ve told us that while we, as adults, have continuously sat by and done absolutely nothing – they refuse to do nothing. They are going to protect themselves, they are going to protect other kids, they are going to protect their whole damn country. They’re fucking warriors, but they still need help. I’m going to show you how you can do that:

You can go to Everytown’s website and make a donation, in any amount you can.
Everytown is a non-profit which advocates for gun control and against gun violence. If you don’t want to donate to Everytown, there’s other places you can donate to instead – research it.

If you’re an American citizen, register to vote. If you’re registered to vote already make sure you actually go out and vote for someone that supports gun control. If you’re an adult you need to talk to your teens about this subject and help empower them, their votes are important. Rock the Vote is a non-profit that helps empower young people with voting resources.

You can find lots on this topic here.

Make a sign and go to a protest. You’ll be showing your support to others there and showing the government of The United States people aren’t backing down. There’s tons of local events that you can find on Facebook.

Don’t buy a gun/get rid of the one(s) you own. This will prove you really care about ending gun violence by not contributing to the industry. You never ever know who could get their hands on your gun and use it for whatever they want.  Alternatively, lock up your guns to make sure they’re as safe as possible.

Share the information. Share news articles, statistics, speeches and videos of the survivors, share their stories. Share the online petitions, the protest events, the websites and pages of organizations that do something about gun violence. Share the names of the victims and their stories. It’s so easy and hopefully it will inspire other people to want to do something too. Don’t share information about the shooter, because that’s exactly what he wants.

Write a letter or call your representative if you live in the states. Show them you will not stand by anymore while these massacres occur. Tell them you will be by their side as they fight for whats right. Tell them you will not vote them into office if they do nothing.


Do something. Do anything.
But keep your thoughts and prayers.

What are you going to do?


*Image by Shering Creations, you can find a poster she made here which she’s donating all the money from.







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