Introducing the Wild Women Series

Supporting women is my passion. I am a die hard fan of the girl gang. I also love getting to know other people, learning about their lives and what they love. And so I present to you: the Wild Women Series.

The goal behind this series is to give you a peek into other women’s lives. I want you to see our differences, our similarities, and our truths. Let these interviews show you that each and every one of us are strong and valuable just as we are.

You ARE cool enough.
You ARE interesting enough.
You 100% have value to add to this series.
So if you’re reading this and you’re maybe even the slightest bit interested I’m asking you to reach out and allow me to interview you!


You can reach me by email here:
You can reach me by DM on Intagram here: @fflowersandffeminism
You can reach me by message on my Facebook page here:

Stay tuned for my first interview which will be posted on Woman Crush Wednesday!

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