Homework for Self Care

There was rarely a moment these past 26 years of mine where I actually cared about ‘fitting in’. I’m sure this sounds like a blessing to some people, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Just because I do it, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Lately things have become sort of muddled. Self doubt, mental disorders and lack of inspiration have contributed to it for sure. Plus it’s probably just a natural progression of this new season of my life aka being a mom now. So I wanted to make a list, or 2 lists rather. What IS important to ME and what IS NOT important to ME. I think you should make these lists too. Put that shit out into the world. This new moon energy is great for intentions. Remind yourself. Keep it fresh in your head. Come back to it when you forget and need help remembering. Keep it short and sweet or long and detailed, but make sure every single thing that goes on your list is there because you want it to be – not because you think it should be. If you don’t care about getting married, don’t put it down. If you don’t care about music, don’t put it down. If you don’t care about fancy clothes, don’t put it down. You know what I mean? This list does not have room for societal pressures.

My lists are long and detailed but you can totally feel free to make yours shorter if you just want to put the main points in. They also aren’t organized in a particular order.

What’s Important To Me?
– Family
– Friends
– Photography
– My Home
– Supporting Women
– Our Planet/Sustainability
– Creativity and Art
– Learning
– Music
– Honesty
– Flowers
– Reading
– Working/Earning Money/Having My Own Business
– Alone Time
– Cooking
– Living Chemical Free as much as possible
– Movies
– Plants/Garden
– Writing
– Celebrating Everything
– Ritual Bathing
– Travel
– Feminism
– Hygge
– Planning
– Saving Money
– Supporting Local and Small Businesses
– Mental Health Advocacy
– Natural Skincare
– Making Home Videos


What’s Not Important To Me?
– Shopping
– Fast Fashion
– Fast Food
– Makeup that isn’t cruelty free
– Big Brand Names (clothing/beauty/etc)
– Competition
– Internet Arguments aka trying to change people’s opinions in the comment section
– Perfectly Clean Home – Having a tidy home is important to me because it reduces my anxiety but I don’t want to worry about if it’s perfectly clean all the time
– People that don’t make time for me/my family
– Being Super Busy aka please stop the glorification of busy
– Alcohol – I am not anti-alcohol and I drink sometimes but it’s so far from an important thing for me personally
– Bars/Clubs/Parties etc
– Fancy Jewelry
– Makeup



This exercise was actually super interesting to me. My list for what isn’t important to me was way more difficult and is way shorter than I originally assumed it would be. I’m choosing to take this as a sign that I really do know what I want and what I don’t, and that I haven’t been wasting too much on the things that aren’t important to me. I would love for you to share your lists with me as well! You can leave them in a comment here, send them to me by email or Instagram or tag me in your own post.










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