Guide to Calgary: Made by Marcus

This is our favourite ice cream shop in Calgary! Which is saying something, because Calgary has a bunch of good options in this category. However this one’s our winner. The flavours are interesting without being too crazy, the sundaes are freaking gorgeous and the staff is always lovely and helpful. The store itself is adorable and I have no idea how they pack so much seating into such a tiny space but it totally works. This past Saturday we needed to run downtown to grab a plant stand I was buying off a guy from Facebook marketplace, so we of course took the opportunity to stop by here on the way. I was super hopeful that it would be slightly less busy than it normally is just because it’s been so cold out, I wanted to grab some really great photos of this place for you all, but I mean… real Canadians eat ice cream even when it’s -20 so I was out of luck. The storefront was PACKED. Even with it being so busy there wasn’t a huge line and we managed to grab some seats. The ladies working were super wonderful and patient with our crazy family and we had a lovely time. We sat inside and had our ice cream while we watched a ton of other people come in and out as we ate. Indie got Tahitian vanilla bean , Mitchell strayed from his usual sundae and picked a chocolate milkshake and I went for the roasted strawberry buttermilk. They were all great choices but I think my favourite still has to be the unicorn sundae. I’ll have to get that one next time so I can photograph it in all it’s artistic glory.







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2 Replies to “Guide to Calgary: Made by Marcus”

  1. I think I’ve definitely just fell in love with your blog! Photo’s are beautiful and love your content.

    Also I’m visiting Calgary in June and so excited to get me some of this fine ice-cream!


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