Indie is almost 3 and a half!
Her hair is getting longer and she actually let’s me put it up these days. Sometimes she requests a bow or headband as well. She wants to do everything herself, and if not on her own then she wants to help us do it. She helps me make her peanut butter toast every morning and loves to hold her baby sister. She is potty trained, obsessed with “spooky stuff” and loves to cook and bake.

10 Facts About Indie!

  1. She’s super excited to start preschool in September. She watches the big kids go on the bus to school every day out our front window.
  2. She loves everything to do with outer space. Astronauts, planets, the moon and the sun. She makes me doodle astronauts for her all the time.
  3. She’s in her second season of gymnastics and is super good at it!
  4. She would much prefer to be outside than inside, even when it’s -20.
  5. She’s currently requesting a baby brother.
  6. Her favourite song right now is The Sky Is A Neighbourhood by Foo Fighters. She knows most of the words. We listen to it in the car. We listen to it at home. We listen to it on the tv and the phone.
  7. She’s obsessed with taking photos lately. She requests to have her picture taken all the time with different things (her drawings, when she builds a rocket ship, etc). She’s even started setting her things up and taking pictures.
  8. One of her fave things is video chatting with her many Grandparents, although she usually ends up sidetracked.
  9. She is 100% completely, madly in love with Mabyn. She loves being a big sister, she loves to help and she tells Mabyn she loves her and gives her kisses and hugs all the time.
  10. Her best friend at daycare is named Lincoln. She comes home and talks about him all the time and it’s so sweet.






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