Guide to Calgary: A Friday Morning in Inglewood

Mitchell was off work yesterday, and we’ve been wanting to go down to Inglewood to wander around with the girls so we decided to take the morning to do that. Unfortunately it was freaking cold (hello -20) so we decided to just venture to the two stores we wanted to visit most: Silk Road Spice Merchant + PLANT.


We grabbed a free 2 hour parking spot down by Rosso and packed up all the crap that comes with adventuring with 2 kids. Or at least I think it was free? Hopefully it was, we didn’t see any pay tolls. We then ran across the street to Silk Road, which to be honest both Mitchell and I we’re ever so slightly terrified of bringing Indie into (alllll those glass jars, samples…) because we go to their booth at Calgary Farmer’s Market all the time (it’s close to our home) and that’s scary enough as it is. Last weekend Indie dropped one of the jars of spices Mitchell had just purchased whilst in the middle of a rather public meltdown (shoutout to the lovely lady that came rushing over and swept it all up for us, I think she worked at the Spragg’s booth). However, as soon as we all got through the doors of Silk Road one of the ladies working pointed out their little kid’s kitchen area and relief flooded me. I am always so thankful to shops that keep parents and children in mind like that, it’s a little thing for them to do but it means so much to me to have that bit of extra help so I can have a few extra minutes to myself to look around. The store is lovely and beautiful and simple and glam all at once. There’s so many different things to look at and there’s sample jars for you to smell as well. All the big jars have a description that tells you what it’s good to use on – which is an awesome way to learn and it makes trying new stuff super easy!


We are currently slowly replacing all our regular grocery store bought spices for Silk Road ones, so we do have a bunch already (staples like cinnamon, garlic salt, etc) but have never actually been down to the store. Mitchell picked out some he wanted and Indie and I picked out a couple as well (aka I picked them, she put them in a basket). We spent about 20 minutes looking around, and had we been child free we totally could have spent longer looking at everything. Side note – I’m always embarrassed to take photos in public places that are stores (rather than places like the Zoo) but I’m trying to get over that because documentary photography is my favourite. I made a comment at one point apologizing (story of my life) for being “that mom” with my camera and the women were SO sweet to me and didn’t mind at all. I am super thankful to them for making my entire family feel totally welcome and comfortable.


After we were done at the spice shop, we headed back out into the blustery cold down to PLANT. By the time we arrived (it’s like a 2 minute walk) there were still 10 minutes until they opened and I think they were having a morning meeting at the till, but they ushered us in out of the cold which we were very thankful for. We were greeted by a bunch of smiling faces as well as two super cute dogs! I love when stores have dogs guys. LOVE. More importantly, Indie loves when stores have dogs. It’s not super common around here so it was unexpected and I have no idea if they are there all the time but it was a huge bonus for us. PLANT is stunning. It’s covered with tons of different plants, pots, flowers and handmade products (candles, cards, pins, etc). There’s so many different things for you to choose from which is awesome. There’s a range in prices as well, so while there are more “expensive” products (I saw two GORGEOUS fiddle leaf fig tree’s at the front for $350.00 each that I’m pretty sure I dreamt about last night), there’s also a lot of inexpensive things too. You could definitely pick up a plant and pot for $50 or under if you wanted. They also have an area where they will pot your plants for you, and they even offer moss to go on top of the soil if you’d like. Everyone I talked to was super knowledgable and friendly, even with Indie running around like she owned the place (I try, but she’s so fast). At one point I found her in their employee only area sitting on their couch (a woman working there was all oh its fine we probably left the curtain open anyways!). She kneeled all over the floor petting the dogs, she ran around, she touched things, she talked to people, and everyone was super welcoming to her (and us) the entire time. We ended up picking up a candle, a pin, a pair of scissors, two plants and two pots (plus we had them potted there + added moss on top) for $109.00 which I think is super great!


After our tiny adventure we made our way back to our car and went to Denny’s for brunch. We prefer Cora’s, but it’s so packed – especially with a baby in a carseat. It was a lovely day spent with my little family and I totally suggest you go check out both Silk Road Spices and PLANT if you haven’t before. I’m going to do a more in depth post about all the spices we bought so watch out for that as well!











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