Simple + Hygge Meal Planning

(aka regular meal planning done with joy)

I love planning. 
It’s probably the OCD in me. I make lists for everything. Checklists, to-do lists, shopping lists, wishlists, grocery lists. I plan business ideas, book ideas, painting ideas. You get the idea. Plus I love food! And eating! I also love to cook, but only if it’s something I enjoy. I’ve noticed that if it’s a “boring” recipe, or something I don’t really want to make then it just turns into something no one wants to do. Or take out. Or frustration in general. Meal planning is a good way to ensure that you know what you’re making, what you need and what you want to make! Plus if you’re like me and like to plan things, you’ll enjoy the process. I make the entire thing into a really lovely experience for myself instead of a stressful one. I enjoy unplugging, grabbing my cookbooks (a lot of them are so gorgeous, which is a huge plus) and sitting alone to relax. I’ve been adding my goals of trying to live a hygge, seasonal life by incorporating this into my meal planning activity. I try to choose seasonal products, and I set myself up with candles and sit in my favourite room while I plan. Sometimes I add cozy blankets, and I always add music. All of this is so simple but I find it really effective for me.

Here’s how I like to do my meal planning. A month is too long for us, if it’s two weeks we tend to start straying from it, but a week is perfect for us so that’s what I try to stick to. I plan 7 meals, but when planning I don’t pick a certain meal for a certain day. I pick the day before what to make instead. I guess I should also point out that we only meal plan for dinners. For lunch we all generally eat leftovers and for breakfasts we all do what we want. Mitchell eats breakfast at work, I make Indie whatever shes feeling like and I usually have a smoothie. I also make snacks for Mitchell to take to work and for Indie and I to have during the day, so I’ll include that here as well.




Meal One
Chicken with orange gremolata and organic green salad

Meal Two
Homemade pizzas and Caesar salad

Meal Three
Chicken in lemon caper sauce with caramelized sweet potato and kale fried wild ride

Meal Four
Skillet chicken cobbler

Meal Five
French onion chicken, green salad and mashed sweet potatoes

Meal Six
Pulled pork and sweet potato hash with eggs

Meal Seven
Citrus marinated chicken and orange salad with toasted baguette

Strawberry muffins with glaze
No-bake chocolate peanut butter bars
No-bake energy bites


Little Tips:
– we eat a lot of chicken, so I try to break chicken meals up by doing something else in between
– I write our meal plans out on paper, and I include the book and page number of the recipe so I can quickly find it again
– I recently started a meal plan notebook where I keep all our plans, and include a grocery list so I can always go back and just pick one of the weeks if we’re in a pinch and don’t have the time to sit down and make a new one








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