Crystal Baby Cleansing

Can we make crystal babies a thing? Real babies are a thing. Fur babies are a thing. Plant babies are even a thing. I think that means it’s time for crystal babies to be a thing.

Crystals have become SUPER popular lately. Obviously, tons of people have been interested in them for thousands of years but it seems lately they’ve gotten mainstream/trendy. AND weather you believe they have “energy” or not (this is a whooooole other post), you should take care of your crystal babies! They’re beautiful and precious and they belong to you. Just like you clean your jewelry, dust your picture frames, and wash your clothes – you should also cleanse your crystals. You do this not only to keep them clean (Alberta is dusty, folks) but also to charge them up! Below are some popular ways to do this.
Have a different way of cleansing your crystals? Leave it in the comments for everyone to try.




Running water out in nature is always ideal (waterfall, river, etc), but you can also use water from your home. Run your crystals under your tap, or leave them in a bowl (submerged) for a few hours (or overnight, or a week, whatever you feel is best).
A quick Google search will tell you if your crystal is safe to put in water. Be very careful with salt water, check before using it.


You can do this by burning either a smudge stick or incense. You light your tool, and then  hold your crystal in the smoke. 30 seconds will do you fine, but take as long as you’d like. Sage is a beautiful one to try for this.


This is a good one to try after running your crystals under water. Moonlight will be your best bet because the sun can fade some stones (amethyst, for example), but the sun works for some crystals as well. Leave them out in a bowl or on a tray and let them sit overnight (someplace safe of course).

I’ve read in a few places lately that dirt also works for this, and I’m super intrigued but haven’t personally tried it. Apparently burying your crystal in your garden for 24 hours is another nice way to cleanse and charge it! Which I think is super cool, but maybe leave a marker of some sort out so you don’t forget where you’ve buried them (I would definitely forget where I buried them).




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