The Holiday Season: What presents do you remember getting as a kid?

The winter holiday season is descending upon us quickly. Red and green is popping up all over stores, the mall parking lot is even busier than normal and I’m fairly certain Crate and Barrel had a Christmas tree up back in October. Have you started shopping? Are you stressed out? What exactly are your kids asking for this year?

When you read this title, what popped into your mind? The only presents I can remember getting as a kid were a doll that fake crawled, and a little ring with my birthstone in it. I’m fairly certain the only reason I remember the doll is because I have a picture of my dad putting batteries in it on Christmas day, holiday wrapping paper scattered around him and a huge smile on his face. The ring I begged my parents for after my cousin (who is 5 days older than me and shares a birthstone) was given one by her parents, and it wasn’t even for Christmas. I also just remembered my parents gave me a little grey mouse one year, I named him Jingle.

My point is, I have gone through 25 years of holidays and I remember a whopping two gifts I was given. You know what that means? Your kids probably won’t remember much of them either. So, this holiday season maybe we should slow down. Put more thought into a few gifts than a whole bunch. Spend less money buying new things. Let’s straight up crush capitalism.

You know what I do remember about every holiday season? I remember my favourite tree ornaments, I remember my Grandma’s short bread recipe, tobogganing, shovelling snow, Christmas music playing over the speakers in our house, my mom’s reindeer sweater she wore every year, cheesy Christmas movies, watching the fireplace flames, and most of all I remember all of my extended family gathering together in one place for not only Christmas dinner but also Boxing Day brunch.

Give your kids memories for Christmas, they will last so much longer than plastic toys.


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