Morning Tarot Readings

I’ve been reading my own tarot cards (and my husbands) for a couple years now, on and off. I’ve always felt like I’m pretty accurate, but with kids it can be hard to do things as much as you’d like to. I really want to become very fluent with reading tarot for people because it’s something I really love to do. So, here I am starting a daily ritual of pulling a card for myself every morning. I likely won’t post every day’s card here, but you can follow my instagram for them! Here’s what yesterdays reading looked like.

Nine of Swords
Universal Waite deck
Depression, anxiety, despair, nightmares

Anxiety is a nasty creature and this is the card that shows up when it’s eating at you. This card represents psychological pain. Anxiety, guilt, nightmares, grief, depression and all that fun stuff 🙄. You’re probably not sleeping well because you’re kept up at night by your worries and bad thoughts. Maybe you’re talking to yourself negatively. How do I do this? Will this work out? What am I doing?!

But hold up! Before you think of this as a negative card, try to see it from a different perspective. Your inner guide is trying to help you out by pulling the nine of swords. It’s showing you little beacon of light in the darkness by acknowledging what you’re going through. Your worries are probably not as big as you’re thinking right now, anxiety has likely built them up into this huge thing in your head. Worrying obviously doesn’t fix anything and it’s not a good use of your time. Instead we should find solutions to our problems and stop being so hard on ourselves.

So what can we do when we pull this card? Self love is always #1. We need to try to calm ourselves down and get the negative thoughts and words out of our heads. What is your favourite thing to do? Go do it, weather that be hiking a mountain, watching a scary movie or painting your nails with your fave polish. Breathe deep, stretch your body out, ground yourself and then come up with a plan. Maybe ask for help and text a friend for advice on what’s worrying you. Whatever you decide to do, you got this.

Do you read tarot cards? Have you ever had an interest in them? Let me know in the comments! 

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