Picking Baby Names

I’ve loved names for as long as I can remember. When I was little I used to write little stories just so I could pick names for the characters and imagine their lives. I’m a bit on the alternative side some would say, and with that comes unique name ideas for my babies.

My husband and I try to pick names we feel are interesting but not too crazy. He definitely keeps me grounded in that he doesn’t let me go off into my own little world with names like Pixie, Lovisa or Poe (which I think are all fabulous by the way). Our rule is that we have to both like the names we pick. I would never want to name a child something my husband didn’t love just as much as I did.


Indie Nora

A lot of people are surprised to find out that Mitchell was the one that came up with Indie’s first name. They usually suspect me as he comes off a lot more tame than I do. He came home from work one day when I was pregnant with her and he had met a woman named Indie. We both fell in love with it instantly. I’ve grown up listening to indie music so I thought it was perfect. For us it represents being unique and independent. For Nora, we both loved it as well. Our favourite show to watch together was the series Parenthood. On the show, the youngest girl is named Nora and that’s where it came from!

Mabyn Stormy

We went through so many names this second time around. Everyone ended up loving the name Indie so much that it felt like a lot of pressure for our second child’s name to be good too. I knew the whole time I wanted her middle name to be Stormy. This was chosen after my best friend whom I have known for her whole 24 years. I’ve always loved her name, and she helped me a lot during the tough parts of my pregnancy. She also spent the whole time trying to help me come up with first names haha. The name Mabyn came near the end of my pregnancy. We had a list of names picked out but nothing was sticking. Then one evening while I was looking at names on Nameberry I came across Mabyn. I thought it was so cute and asked Mitchell if he liked it and he did. Depending where you look, it means boy or youth. It’s Cornish in origin and came from Saint Mabyn, daughter of King Brychan of Wales. I was drawn to it because it reminded me of the word Mabon. Mabon is a harvest festival that celebrates the Autumn Equinox, and I love all things Autumn. So I thought that was really neat too. I’m honestly not sure how many other people like it, but I don’t care anymore because I think it suits her perfectly.

So thats how we chose our daughters names. For anyone wanting advice on choosing names, my top tip is to not tell a lot of people what you are thinking of. As soon as you tell someone a name they are going to judge it. There’s lots of names out there that people think they don’t like at first but after a couple times hearing it they like it. If you tell everyone your baby name right away you’re opening yourself up to judgement you may not want. So if you’re going to share your name ideas make sure you either don’t care if they don’t like it, or trust their judgement.

What are your kids names? Pets? How did you come up with them?

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