Mabyn Stormy

I’m sorry! I’ve been gone for TWO months, and it was completely un-planned. I had some complications at the end of my pregnancy, which I will get into another time, and from this space that I’ve grown to love so much was put on the back burner. However, I’m back now and so ready to connect with everyone again. Don’t forget you can also find me over on Instagram @homebodyhappiness !

Now, I’m so excited to introduce you all to our new daughter! We welcomed her to the world on May 10th 2017, with literally 20 seconds to midnight. She was born on the night of the full moon and it was magic. I’m so thankful for the experience I had, even though it ended up 30 hours long all together. This beautiful little soul is Mabyn Stormy (pronounced may-bin) and we are so in love with her. She is sweet, cuddly and everything we could have asked for. She was 6 lbs 10oz and born at almost 37 weeks. She had a bit of jaundice a few days after being released from the hospital, but other than that she is doing great.


All photos done by Blue Lemon Photography

One Reply to “Mabyn Stormy”

  1. Glad you’re back! I loved this entry. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, and I’m definitely hooked. Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by and check out my posts!
    Mena 🌸✨🌷💕


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