Give Me All The Hobbies


Something I always love to find out about new people I meet, weather that’s online or in person, is what their hobbies are. I love to learn and try new things and I have a lot of hobbies. Being a mom, it’s hard to get free time to do things like that sometimes, but after a while of neglecting my hobbies I realized it directly connected to neglecting myself as a person. When I became a mother I let go of a lot of the fun things I liked to work on, and eventually it took it’s toll on my mental health. Becoming a mother is a super wonderful, super hard thing. It makes sense to loosen your grip on hobbies a bit while you adjust to your new life, but take it from me – don’t let go for too long! It’s so good to remember that you’re not just a mother but also a human with other important interests that make you who you are. This goes for people without kids as well, there’s always a reason or excuse to not do something for yourself. Everyone is so busy all the time with work, school, family, friends, etc. I want you to remember that you’re more than all those things and it’s definitely worth it to take care of yourself by engaging in something fun that you love.

So, lets get on with it and I’ll share some of the things I love to do! I don’t do these things every day, and some are much less regular than others but these are all things I love to do in my spare time.

I’ve been making art for literally as long as I can remember. I watched shows on tv about art, painted, used pastels, coloured in colouring books and more. My Aunt is a lovely artist and taught me lots. Other than that I just do what feels right to me and go with the flow. I enjoy painting the most and use acrylics a lot. I also love to make crafts as well.

I’ve always enjoyed baking but hadn’t done a lot of it until the last couple of years. Recently I discovered my love of baking shows, I found I really enjoyed watching them and they made me really happy. I’m all about doing things that add happiness to my life so I continued to find new ones and they have inspired me a lot. I go through a lot of waves where I bake lots, then not so much, then bake lots again. Right now with my pregnancy sciatica I have a hard time standing for long periods of time (and I’m a slow baker) so I’m on a bit of a break.

I love to read! This one is the hardest one for me to keep up with since becoming a mama. I really need to start making more time to read more. I’ve always loved non-fiction books but in the last few years I’ve found books like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and it’s opened up a whole new world for me. I also recently read a few horror genre books and thought they were super interesting.

True Crime
So I realize this is a weird “hobby”, and perhaps it’s more of an interest but I believe it fits here. I’ve always been interested in True Crime, I grew up watching shows with my mom like Law and Order, Dateline, 48 Hours, etc. As I got older and the internet got bigger my interest expanded. I really like learning about how peoples brains work and reading stories. Right now I listen to a podcast call “My Favourite Murder” and I became part of the Facebook group for it. This group is guaranteed to keep me busy with stories.

Creative Writing
This is another thing I’ve liked to do since I was little. I’ve always liked to write little stories and poems. I don’t normally share any of it with anyone as I feel it’s more private and I’m not super great at it, but it’s a fun thing I like to do when the mood strikes.

I started getting seriously into photography about 10 years ago when I needed to take pictures for my makeup portfolio and the rest is history. I would dress up my friends, do their makeup and do fun themed photoshoots with them. I try to do something like that once in a while still, but I more so take pictures of my family now and I also love to take pictures of flowers.

These are the main things I like to do in my spare time but I’m always up for new things as well. I’ve done other things like making soap, refinishing furniture and interior decorating. What do you like to do in your free time? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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