Splurge and Scrimp

I think it’s really interesting to see what things are most and least important to others. Everyone is so different and it’s so fun to see those differences. Here’s our splurges and scrimps!


This one is at the top of my list and very important to me. Pictures are my most prized possession and we have at least one professional photo session done a year. Our photographer is Marie over at Blue Lemon Photography and above are some of her beautiful photos of us!

Digital Cameras
It was about 9 or 10 years ago that I got my first DSLR. I fell in love with photography and haven’t gone back. Since then I have purchased 2 more cameras, both Canon, both expensive, both worth it. One of them was sold when I upgraded to my current one. Like I said above, photography is so important to me and having a good quality camera is key because taking photos is a hobby of mine.

This one is sort of unintentional. Not that I don’t like good quality clothing, but in general plus size clothing is much more expensive than standard sized clothing. In Canada there are only a few stores I can shop at for plus size clothes in person (which is what I prefer, rather than online) and most are pretty expensive. It always feels like a splurge when shopping for new clothing.

We are foodies through and through. We love to go out for dinners and will spend good money on good food.

Duvet Covers/Quilts
Have you ever heard that saying about how the closer it is to you the more money you should spend on it? For example instead of buying expensive curtains, you should buy expensive sheets. I think that’s fairly accurate for most things, and what is closer to you than your blanket that you use every night?

After getting a couple less than stellar tattoos when I was young, I definitely splurge on tattoos/tattoo artists now. I think for anyone that gets tattoos this is probably a good thing to splurge on. I have heard absolute horror stories of people scrimping on tattoos. No tattoo is worth scrimping on to have!


We use an android box which lets us watch pretty much anything for free, and we also have Netflix. Since getting these we’ve cancelled our cable, don’t buy movies off the TV and watch probably 70% less television. All in all it’s a wonderful feeling.

Hair Cuts
This one is easy for us because my mom is a hairdresser. Otherwise we’d be like everyone else and paying for our haircuts!

Makeup Remover
I buy cheap makeup remover. The only real reason is so far I’ve found most of them work the same for me, and I always follow up with great skincare.

Phone Apps
We used to buy more apps and things on our phones, but this year we took our credit card off our itunes account and we have cut back lots. We have bought some games for Indie, but they were one time purchases and we’ve definitely spent a lot less on them. We’re mostly trying to use our phones less.

What does your family splurge and scrimp on? I’d love to know in the comments!


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