Pieces of the Weekend

This weekend didn’t quite go as planned. Friday afternoon I wasn’t feeling too well, but we went out and grabbed a Muddy Buddy for Indie. We also went looking for a hoodie for Mitchell but didn’t find anything worth getting. On Saturday we had a lovely day at the zoo, then headed downtown to Village Ice Cream. On our way home we passed a strip mall on fire, and it must have just started as no emergency crew was there yet and we could still get through with the traffic. It was so crazy to see and we called 911 just in case no one else had yet. Then after Indie napped for three whole hours we headed to the park and played with bubbles and met some little boys who ran around the park with Indie which was so lovely. We had big plans to start getting baby sisters room ready for her arrival, but Mitchell ended up getting called into work and will be there all day. A bonus has been beautiful sunny Spring weather, I’ve had my windows open all weekend!

Even though our weekend got cut short, our Saturday was so lovely and I’m thankful for that!


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