Weekend Vibes

Ahhh the weekend! I’m always so excited for the weekend because my husband is (usually) off work for a few days and I get to spend every moment with my beautiful little family. These are the days I live for! This weekend we don’t have a lot of big plans. I’d like to get Indie a Muddy Buddy so we can play outside and not get so dirty in this melting Spring weather. We’d also like to organize baby girls room so it’s ready for when she comes, Indie came a month early so anything is possible at this point (fingers crossed she stays in longer than her big sister). Other than that, we are open to any possibilities.

Here’s some fun stuff to kick off your weekend, I hope you enjoy!


Watch Alessia Cara nail her musical impressions on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon here.

I’m loving the design of these candles by Illume at Chapters Indigo.

I’m getting all the vintage vibes from this floral art print by my friend Jody.

This Humans of NY post is so cute.

I’ve been looking for a homemade pizza dough and I’m wondering how this recipe is (if you have a good one, let me know)!

I’m in the Spring cleaning mood and this list has some good product ideas.

This story is interesting and I really like learning about what other cultures believe in.

Isn’t this stripe maxi dress so lovely?

This is important for all Calgarians to read, I’m glad I saw the article because I would be scared to find a baby hare alone.


What is everyone else up to this weekend? Let me know your plans in the comments!

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