Spring Favourites

Winter tends to be long here in Calgary, and while I enjoyed it when we first moved here it’s now starting to be less exciting. It’s especially tough when its -20 for weeks at a time and you have to entertain a toddler indoors.

It’s starting to warm up finally it seems (knock on wood) and while it’s kind of a disgusting mess of melting snow and lake like puddles, I’m getting pretty excited. Sun! Warmth! Brown grass instead of snow! So in celebration of that, I present to you my favourite things about Spring below.

Flowers and Plants
We’re lucky to live in an older neighbourhood that has a ton of great trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens and landscaped yards. Spring replaces the bare branches with beautiful leaves and flowers, and it makes our neighbourhood walks much prettier. I love to photograph them as we go along.

I actually really enjoy the dark, but eventually there comes a time when the light needs to come back again. Spring brings with it light past 4pm and thats great for feeling energized longer and working in the yard later.

Neighbourhood Walks
While we can and do go walking in the winter here, it’s much harder. Like I said above, it gets dark fast, and is very cold and icy. I’m super clumsy to begin with and ice and I don’t mix very well. Spring is much better to walk around our neighbourhood.

Spring Recipes
Some recipes are just better in the Spring! It’s so nice to make things like lemonade, salmon dishes with lots of lemon, onion tarts and angel food cakes.

Open Windows
I don’t get to open my windows during the winter months because of the cold. It’s so nice when Spring comes and I can finally let fresh air in the house (with three pets this is especially important).

Ditching the Winter Coat
I like my winter coat, but let’s be honest – it’s not very stylish. Spring arriving means I can break out my lighter jackets and have lots more options.

These are just a few of my most favourite things about Spring! What are yours? Share in the comments!


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